Products and Manufacturers

Accent/Outdoor Lighting

Add interest to your landscape at night with low voltage accent lights. Draw attention to a sculpture, fountain or tree with beautiful branch structure. With the correct accent lighting, you can create a variety of effects from the romantic to the dramatic.

Church Lighting

We can help to get your Church/Ministry lighting all in order to ensure that your congregation can read along with you and enjoy the calm peacefulness of your sermons and atmosphere.

Commercial Lighting

Working in the dark is no fun. But lighting your business, warehouse or office does not have to be difficult. We have a large selection of commercial lighting sure to suit any need your business may have. Our experts are available to help make your selection. From sturdy outdoor lights to workshop lights and ceiling fans, our collection of commercial lighting will make your business stunning.


Set your home up to have full control of the luminosity of your rooms. You can automate your lights to do just about anything and we’re here to help you accomplish that dream.

Cove Lighting

Indirectly light the room from built in ledges, recesses, or valences in a ceiling or high on the walls. Confidently hide fixtures and keep a very even, warm light throughout your room.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Go green with this lighting choice, we can help you to make your home or business more energy efficient by using Fiber Optics instead of traditional lighting to save money on your energy bill as well as helping out the environment.


In the bath, over a hall table or in the bedroom, our mirrors are simple and understated and serve as the perfect complement to our entire lighting family.

Indoor Decorative Lighting

Decorate your rooms with amazing lighting styles to accentuate your personality or mood. We carry a wide range of decorative lighting that can meet your style or the current trends in lighting.

Island Lighting

Island lighting and billiard lighting provide the perfect ambiance for your kitchen or billiard room. If you’re seeking overhead lighting with buffalo game, rustic, abstract or contemporary style, you’re sure to find a truly unique piece for your specialty room.

LED Lighting

Get all of your specialty lighting needs from us as well. Whether it is a simple lighting project or an extensive facility that needs spectacular lighting effects we can help you to get your project completed within your budget.

Lodge/Rustic Lighting

We can help you to get hand crafted, beautiful lighting for your business or home use. We have a wide selection of beautiful lighting and lighting accessories to meet your life style needs.


Bring out the best of your landscaping design with many of our outdoor and landscaping options.

Picture/Display Lighting

Have your masterpieces or family portraits lit just the right way to ensure that their grandeur and beauty are illuminated in the way the artists or photographer meant for them to look. We can help to make sure you get just the right amount of lighting in the areas that count.

Portable/Lamp Lighting

Find that perfect lamp for your home or office. We have a massive selection of specialty lamps and stylish lamps to match your lifestyle. Let us help you to accentuate your home with beautiful lighting.

Recessed Lighting

Have brilliant light shining down from a crevasse in your ceiling, concentrating the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight.

Security Lighting

Ensure that your home is lit well enough to deter potential criminals from targeting your home or business. We carry a wide array of security lighting fixtures to help you sleep better at night knowing your home, business or organization is safe and well lit with professional lighting fixtures.