Curb appeal. It’s the favorable first impression others have of your home as seen from the street. You need it whether you are a builder marketing a home for sale or a homeowner welcoming friends and family. Your exterior light fixtures are one of the first things others notice when forming their first impression. Appropriately sized and styled fixtures add to curb appeal, provide a warm welcome, and safely guide visitors to your door. The most important factors to consider when making your selection are size, color, and style.


Size: The biggest mistake made in selecting outdoor lighting is choosing fixtures that are too small.

If you are replacing existing fixtures don’t assume the original ones were the correct size—many builders use fixtures that are too small in an effort to control costs.

Light fixtures will only look about half as big on your house when viewed from the street as they do in the showroom. When deciding between two sizes the larger one is almost always the right choice.

The front door is the most important door. It should have the fanciest and biggest light fixture on the house. Don’t let garage fixtures and fixtures at secondary entrances upstage the fixtures at the front door.

A good rule of thumb for the front door is for the fixture to be 1/3 the height of the door if there is only one and 1/4 the height of the door if there are two (one on each side of the door).

Cut a piece of cardboard to shape and hold it up to the house to help visualize size.

Color: Choose a color that complements the exterior color scheme.

Bronzes are popular with earth tones. We offer several variations of bronze from light to dark including architectural bronze, black coral, black gold, bronze, burled walnut, and marbleized mahogany.

Black is appropriate in many situations; however bronze is usually a better choice when using dark brown trim and accents.

Our stone finish is in the black family but has a hint of grey rubbed on top making it a good choice when pure black is too strong and bronzes are inappropriate.

White can be striking on dark bodied houses with white trim.

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